Dear Customers, Partners and Friends,

I am constantly looking for innovative ideas for you.
For years I have been searching for an affordable Event APP that is easy to handle for everybody.

Until just recently I wasn´t able to find the right one – because of the cost.
I thought exchanging the paper agenda into a digital one should not be too expensive.

During a busing event I have met the owner of the company „lineupr“.
Lucky me, because I had finally found the APP I have been looking for.

With the next event I immediately replaced the paper agenda with the EVENT APP.
The feedback was incredible! Among all the things we asked the participants to evaluate, they agreed on one thing: THE APP IS GREAT!
Neither the 5-star hotel we stayed at nor the event location where we had a wonderful gala-dinner nor the food that was absolutely marvellous, did get such good ratings as did the APP.

I highly recommend the lineupr APP to all event managers, agencies, marketing people and secretaries who organize meeting, congresses, incentives and the like.
The APP does not only deliver a great service to your participants, it also makes your whole performance a lot easier.

Throughout my experience of more than 25 years of working in the event business participants have always been asking me for the next agenda point, shuttle times, location of conference rooms etc.

For the very first time I didn´t receive a single question!

One thing is for sure: people tend to forget notes, printed agendas, brochures, BUT THEY NEVER FORGET THEIR CELL PHONES! And so they always have access to all event-information they need. In real time!

Make your boss happy, your customers, employees, all participants at your event – and last but not least YOURSELF by using the EVENT APP.

Are you are interested in more information, please contact me to receive a link to a sample APP. Marcoms Factory customers also receive a 10% discount. Please ask us for the respective code.

Have fun end enjoy!

Kind regards,

Antje Brauers, Marcoms Factory GmbH